African American Digital Experience in Illinois

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Explore the Illinois Black experience in cyberspace: history, organizational and social activities, media, and data. This February 2011 edition invites you to add everything we have missed. We will include your additions via a monthly update. All of us are important, all the ancestors and all aspects of everyday life must live again in digital form. 



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Census Data

African American Coal Miner Information Center (multiple counties):

Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
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The Mix Online (Bloomington-Normal)
-This is a for-profit eBlack Bloomington-Normal site that includes a Cyber-Church and Cyber-Business directories; they also generate online content for people in the area.

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Latting Rodeo Productions (Pembroke Township, Kankakee)

-This is the family business responsible for the Pembroke Black Rodeo
-see interview with Michael Latting at

Urban League

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Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club (St. Clair)
-This is a site by Black motorcyclists and veterans around East St.Louis and Brooklyn;
they update it regularly and are a service-oriented org. The song you may hear play on
the first page is not giving a shout out to Brooklyn, IL as we were hoping, but rather NY.

Harold Washington

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African American Leadership Roundtable (Aurora)

-Bonding social capital working for their local historical community


Sisters and Friends (Bloomington-Normal) 
-Women, plus a best case example of utilizing the latest 
content-management-system (CMS) software 
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Free Frank: New Philadelphia, IL (Pike) 
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Black Community Oral History Project (Springfield) 
-24 transcripts of oral histories from the Springfield Black community. 
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Working in the Seams - An Initial Photographic View into the African-American
Coal Culture of Southern Illinois (multiple southern counties)
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Mounds African American Museum (Alexander) 
-unfortunately this newspaper article is the most informing link on this 
mom-and-pop museum dedicated to local and national Black history 


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